Christians haven’t cornered market on benevolence


Reading Trey Hoffman’s letter to the editor infuriated me.

I would like to first start by saying that Christians do not have the market on gratitude, nor are they the only ones who give a “good amount of their money and time to help the less fortunate.”

Many of the athletes and celebrities, who you say are leftist, have given millions of dollars and have set up foundations to help those less unfortunate. How does Mr. Hoffman know how much any person has given?

As a Republican, are you saying that I, a Democrat, have not given to the less fortunate? I think you are woefully wrong.

When it comes to “complain and protest and critique,” isn’t freedom of speech what our forefathers fought for? Should we not thank those who have protested against racism, sexism, the right to vote, equal rights, and the war in 1775 for the right to independence, to name a few? Are you against these protests?

May I remind you that the leader of your party, Donald Trump, consistently spews hatred and incites violence against those he has sworn to serve and protect?

In closing, I too would always try and put gratitude first, being grateful to the people, family, country, community, friends, institutions and culture.

Mr. Hoffman, next time you want to “complain, protest, critique and whine,” take the beam out of your own eye.”

Lori Keller

Peachtree City, Ga.