King seeks reelection to Post 2, Peachtree City Council


In announcing my candidacy for reelection for a second full term, I pledge once again to do my utmost to maintain the dignity of the office and the thoughtful consideration of views opposite my own. In a democracy such as ours, each of us has a voice, but we all must support the decisions of our institution.

Now that most of my term has passed, I must say that it has been my distinct honor and privilege to have served the citizens of Peachtree City, our town. Yes, it is still OUR town, and I will continue seeking input from all. Whether on the cart paths, over coffee, or at public gatherings, I will continue to make myself available to all the citizens of our town.

We each have a vision for where we would like our town to be some 20-plus years down the road. Allow me to again share a bit of mine.

Peachtree City simply must continue as the premier location for individuals and businesses relocating to the southern crescent of Atlanta. We must continue to place quality of life issues at the fore of the business of running our town.

Peachtree City’s appearance, its lifestyle, and relatively low cost of living are what brought us here, and it is what keeps us here. We must continue to welcome new business interests while maintaining a climate of cooperation with those present to facilitate their growth.

Much has been done over the past four years even with some major challenges, but both citizens and government came together, and Peachtree City is a better place for our efforts. Our new spillway, MacDuff Parkway completion, the skatepark, Drake Field, and our new splash park at Glenloch are examples of what working together can accomplish.

We still have challenges and work yet to be done, but I remain confident that we can make our home the envy of Metro Atlanta. Together we have made a difference. Let’s not stop now. Thank you.

Mike King

City Council Post 2

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Don,

    Do we have a city center? Isn’t it something that the city explored based on leadership from Jim Royal and Jim Strickland not to mention citizen feedback? I’m glad that we currently have a council and staff that is dynamic and considers exploring new possibilities for the city. Not flat earthers that just want to plod along “because we’ve always done it this way,” or worse, “well, it’s worked in the past..” That’s a good way to get creamed out there in the real world.

    • We do not have a downtown/city center.

      We have villages, each of which has its own center, the shopping centers.

      What we need is economic development through a development authority. And economic development is not residential and retail. It is career jobs that pay a living wage.

  2. The double post was unintentional.

    Go to and read the facts concerning the $10,000.

    Of course he didn’t mention Great Wolf, etc. but it doesn’t erase those issues and his responsibility. Or that those issues cost the taxpayers at least $2 million.

    Find American? I suppose you’re referencing is being a veteran and flying helicopters in Vietnam.

    Well, I am a veteran who did Naval Intelligence for Vietnam, China and Russia.

    So, Dead Guy (no, I didn’t forget), as always you do not get your facts straight.

    Join Facebook and post where we can have a good discussion.

    • That’s treason Donnie. If you – exact quote coming up “did Naval Intelligence for Vietnam, China and Russia” you are guilty of consorting with the enemy, collusion or possibly treason. What intelligence did you do for them? Gather and spread? Sweep and sort? Penetrate and probe? Bad, bad boy, Don.

      Of course if you meant (and couldn’t type properly) “did Naval Intelligence against Vietnam, etc.” that’s another matter. You are then a true patriot and everything you say should be taken seriously.

      Although, Mike King is a patriot as well. One without the typing defects. Why can’t you two patriots just have a get together like AOC and Prancy Nancy Pelosi did today and kiss and make up. Endorse him for re-election to city council. Please?

      I know I will.

      • Hey dead guy, you have made it clear over the years you are pro-and they will come for retail.

        What has King done to promote economic development. Nothing.

        He promoted Great Wolf, silencing citizens spoke against council, creating a downtown in the area where I live that would make traffic worse and is troubling unwanted. Changing the very nature of Peachtree city.

        And I worked US Naval intelligence with a top-secret, crypto, codeword clearance.

        My issues with King are not his military record. They are his political record.

  3. No, he didn’t mention that Don.

    No, he didn’t mention that Don.

    See, I can double-post too. Not sure why that is a good thing to you, but I’m sure glad I can vote for a fine American like Mike King and even more glad your name is not on any ballot. BTW, we the taxpayers want our $10,000 back. How about it?

  4. Mike King does not mention his history in areas like Great Wolf, changing to a city center, the mass made of roads that were already bad, trying to silence citizen opinion and more.

    For a more complete review please go to

    Mike King does not mention his history in areas like Great Wolf, changing to a city center, the mass made of roads that were already bad, trying to silence citizen opinion and more.

    • Double down Donnie. I think a larger issue for us is to find out what Nike did with all those Betsy Ross shoes they decided not to market because their kneeling, flag-hating spokesperson said so. There must be thousands of them because Nike doesn’t introduce something for sale unless they had something ready to sell – but no big fire burning up the Betsy Ross shoes, no attempt to remove the flag and re-label, no photos of retailer’s returning the shoes to Nike, and most of all – no black market appearance which you would expect from whatever country the company uses the slave labor therein to make the shoe.

      From all that I conclude that Nike planned the whole scam without an inventory of shoes. A pathetic marketing ploy aimed at the inner city thug market. After all we only saw photos of 1 pair of shoes. Kapernick is obviously a compliant tool who would do anything for publicity. And if Nike really had manufactured all those shoes, somebody with responsibility (like an accountant) would complain about the huge financial loss.

      Maybe we can examine Nike’s tax returns next year to see if they deduct the cost of those shoes and have proof they existed. If nothing else they could have asked Rush Limbaugh to market the leftover shoes for them. He moved hundreds of thousands Betsy Ross t-shirts in just a few days.

      You may think this has nothing to do with Mike King, but I suggest before you or anybody else critiques Mike – a true American hero – they make their bones by solving the Nike mystery and embarrassing Kapernick at the same time. Feel free to get help from ace investigators Adam Shiff and Jerry Nadler – they have some extra time this month.

      Then and only then does anyone have the right to take on Mike King. He’s my favorite on city council and I’ll do whatever I can to keep him. I will be wearing my brand new Betsy Ross t-shirt at the next council meeting in honor of Mike King – a great American.