Kelley, thanks for rescuing flag


Kelley O’Hara, thank you, young lady, for being a true American hero.

Thank you for your rescue of our American flag, before Rapinoe and her friends could stomp on it, after they had thrown it on the ground.

Thank you, for being a real American.

We salute you. And hopefully this does not get in in hot water with your teammates.

Ralph Stakely

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. Out there to play soccer for her country and, of course, for herself.

    Rapinoe is an employee, but she forgets who she represents. And who funds her paycheck.

    As a veteran it did my heart good to see Kelly grab up the flag.

    Not to say she’s the only patriot on the team, but to say there is at least one that should not be on the team.

  2. Agree completely. She’s a breath of fresh American air on that otherwise embarrassment of a team that won a big prize under the American flag. The pink hair person really disappointed me.

    • Sadly, the pink-haired person is singly responsible for the poor reputation of the WNT. If anyone honestly paid attention to the WNT the other 364 days of the year, they’d know that there are some really good people there who do great things both on and off the field. Tobin Heath, Julie Ertz, and Morgan Brian are great role models for young girls, and most of the rest of the team keep their nose clean (with some occasional bad behavior that can be chalked up to youthful exhuberance).