Fayette’s Shop with Sheriff funds scholarships at Southern Crescent

Josh Shelton, Former Director of Fayette County’s Shop with a Sheriff Program.
Josh Shelton, Former Director of Fayette County’s Shop with a Sheriff Program.
The Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation has recently received a donation of $40,000 for an endowed scholarship from the former Shop with a Sheriff Program for Fayette County.
Since Shop with a Sheriff is no longer an active program, Joshua Shelton, former Director of the Fayette County Shop with a Sheriff Program, met with the Foundation staff of Southern Crescent Technical College to ensure that the funds would continue to be used for students in Fayette County.
The scholarship recipient will be chosen in accordance with approved scholarship policies and procedures and will be awarded to a resident of Fayette County in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in a certificate, diploma, or degree program at Southern Crescent Technical College. The Shop with a Sheriff scholarship will draw interest with intentions to award the first recipient in Fall Semester 2020.
Shelton stated, “Shop with a Sheriff was a unique and exciting program that supported deserving residents of Fayette County. We’re excited to offer this endowed scholarship to a Fayette County student and to keep the memory of this special program alive for years to come. It was always our dream to do more than treat the symptoms of poverty. This scholarship is the college’s third endowment and we’re already proud of our future recipients!”
Shelton continued by saying, “Thank you all for a decade of support and helping us make this happen. Each and every donation to Shop with a Sheriff has made this possible. Each and every deputy who shopped with a child helped us to get to this place and for that, we can’t thank you enough! Here’s to a bright future for Fayette County!”
Shop with a Sheriff Inc. was a 501(c)(3) corporation, funded by donations and run by volunteers. Their primary mission was to bring Christmas gifts to needy children who would not otherwise have them. This program collected donations then paired children with Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputies for a memorable morning of shopping each December. Special attention was given to each child and they walked away satisfied that their family would not want for anything at Christmas.