Left turn ‘fix’ will just worsen Peachtree City traffic


I read with interest the article recently regarding the continuous flow intersection. I do wonder about this design. Unless I missed something, it seems there could be a big problem with this.

People going left on Ga. Highway 74 will now have to cross, when they can, traffic coming straight. We have two turning lanes now for a left turn on the northbound Hwy. 74 traffic.

If there is to be no more designated light or time for them to turn, they will have to yield to the southbound traffic.

Anyone who has driven here one day will know that those two turning lanes back up for hundreds of feet at their red light. As they go though, many disregard the rule not to block the intersection and as a result often block the southbound traffic that is next to come.

During one cycle of the left turn light, often those backed up in those lanes cannot make it through on one cycle. Now imagine those waiting for southbound traffic to clear before they can turn left and cross that oncoming traffic. It will back those two turn lanes up for miles.

I feel this will make the traffic worse than ever. The representative from Stantec must not have spent any time living or driving here to say that this is a good idea.

In an effort to turn left, my greatest fear is that someone will push the limits and cause an accident. People will get impatient upon being backed up by oncoming right of way traffic. This could prove fatal, sadly. At the least an accident would snarl tough traffic and delay people. Anyone who has seen an accident there can attest to this.

Mr. Strickland of Stantec said in the article that “with extensive experience … of such projects … we can provide the best alternative ….” I would like to see just one successful example of this design. Since none was cited, I have my doubts. I would ask the city, Stantec Engineering, and the public at large to reconsider this idea.

Erik Lewis
Peachtree City, Ga.