Mayor: Trust us to do what is right


Mr. Brundage, I hope our city manager’s thorough research and response to your concerns have answered your questions and interpretation about the zoning requirements.

Again, I assure you as I did at the meeting, that the City Council have considered all info from citizens and have done extensive research on the best way to achieve the goals of the Comprehensive Plan for the Fayetteville Downtown.

We appreciate your passionate concerns but hope you will trust your elected officials and our staff to do “what is right” to make our communities more inviting, vibrant, and walkable “to improve the quality of life for all citizens.”

Mayor Ed Johnson
Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. The builders have the Mayor and City Council in their pocket obviously. There is no need to build this many apartments in Fayette County, much less downtown Fayetteville, when new apartments just went up across from the Chick Filet Luau. The whole make up of the County and Fayetteville (in terms of government and leadership) is changing and on pace to being the next Riverdale and Jonesboro…

  2. Mr. Mayor,

    Rest assured you will be held accountable at the polls as will the council. No one in the surrounding areas supports these apartments. I would love for you to answer Randy’s question of how many apartments have you approved to build near your home.

    Shawn Collier, Medford Drive

  3. Mr Mayor,I trusted you and your staff and you stabbed me in the back. Let me ask you this Mr Mayor, how close to your house are the multitude of apartments the city has allowed to be built?
    Randy Clokey, Medford DR.