Rebutting ‘clueless 21-year-old’


After returning last Friday from an out of town trip for work, I settled in Saturday evening to read The Citizen, only to soon find myself absolutely apoplectic upon reading the letter to the editor written by Seamus Murrock (“Blame the Republicans for political violence,” Nov. 14, 2018). I’m so disturbed at his misinformed, still green-behind- the-ears letter, I don’t know where to begin.

First of all, where on earth did he learn all that left-wing propaganda? Whitewater High School, his parents, UGA where he presently attends?

From what I understand, most colleges lean way left these days and frequently refuse to allow conservatives on campus to speak.

In any case, I strongly object to his accusation that President Trump stokes racial tension when Barack Obama was the king of it. As the first African American president, he was in a unique position to bring the races closer together. Unfortunately, he did quite the opposite.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (R) said this past summer that former President Obama “exacerbated racism” by taking the position against the police every time a person of color was involved in a high-profile incident. Talk about wanting to “score cheap political points with his base,” as Mr. Murrock accused President Trump of doing.

The letter continued on to admittedly recall violence on the part of the left, specifically the shooting of House Republican Steve Scalise last year, stating that was an issue Democrats must confront “in due course.” In due course? And when might that be? Scalise was shot June 14, 2017. I don’t recall much outrage or condemnation on the part of Democrats then and certainly don’t anticipate any “in due course.”

As for President Trump’s remark labeling Hispanic immigrants as “murderers and rapists,” it was taken out of context as he certainly did not mean all Hispanic immigrants. What the President and many of us do expect is legal entry by immigrants into this country by people who speak English or are willing to learn, who are capable of supporting themselves and their family, and who will contribute to the betterment of this country. And that absolutely does not include people crossing illegally displaying the flag of their country of origin.

But I imagine that Mr. Murrock may be of the “open border” mentality. So in that case, how about leaving your dorm door unlocked or better yet, propped open? See how that works out for you.

The young letter writer continued on to quote Democratic nominee for governor of Florida Andrew Gillum as saying that even if Trump isn’t a racist, the real racists think he is and therefore feel emboldened to commit political violence on his behalf. Thankfully, Gillum will not be the governor of Florida with rhetoric such as that.

Mr. Murrock then quotes Maxine Waters, a looney tune in her own right, who has encouraged her supporters to harass Republican officials in public. As a matter of fact, Maxine has been excusing violence for years, all the way back to 1992 during the rioting in Los Angeles following the Rodney King incident. Perhaps the young sociologist should research that.

The letter continues further downhill with the statement, “while many may find these tactics distasteful, can you blame Democrats for seeking alternative forms of protest?”

Are you kidding me? Alternative forms of protest? Shouting at government officials in restaurants, rioting and smashing up cars and businesses, and closing down public highways with protests are all criminal acts.

But that’s apparently the new tactic of the left: if you don’t get your way, protest violently or file a lawsuit. Really no different than a 3-year-old thrashing around on the floor at the Walmart and throwing a temper tantrum until he gets the toy he wants.

I would also suggest that the young man study up on our voting process in this country and educate himself on the Electoral College, established by no less than the U.S. Constitution. I imagine that if Hillary Clinton had won due to the Electoral College, he wouldn’t be whining about it.

Exhaustingly, he continues on a tirade against the latest Supreme Court nominee, saying he had “credible accounts of sexual assault against him and was rammed down the throats of the American public with less than two weeks deliberation.”

“Credible accounts”? Not when you can’t remember how you got to the party, where you were exactly, how you got home, nor did anyone else recall the incident. Judge Brett Kavanaugh defended himself alone while the female accuser had a phalanx of lawyers beside her. I didn’t believe a word she said. It was all about politics.

As for the rather elitist, demeaning comment concerning “cognitive dissonance of conservatives,“ it’s an absolute fact that most media coverage is anti-Trump. Those of us who travel frequently are hostage to CNN in every airport in this country. I marvel that President Trump can even get out of bed every morning to face another day of vitriol and lies. He gets credit for nothing good he has done. If you had a J-O-B and a 401K, Mr. Murrock, you’d know what I mean.

The letter writer stated that he was 21 years old. I can’t help but digress here to the story of another young man who would be disgusted with the country as it is today were he still alive, but my father died in 1994. While Mr. Murrock most likely has never even held a summer job as a bag boy in the supermarket, my father at age 21 enlisted in the Army in May of 1940. A Depression-era kid from a large family, he never finished high school. He was given the choice of being sent to the Philippines or Honolulu. He knew nothing about either one but chose Honolulu because he liked the sound of it.

On Dec. 7, 1941, ironically his 22nd birthday, he was stationed at Schofield Barracks. At 7:45 that morning he was riding in his truck and saw and heard a “flock of planes diving down on Wheeler Field.” As with most stationed there that day, he initially didn’t think anything of it as according to the letter he wrote his parents, “planes are always flying around thick as flies.”

But as he turned a corner and got out of his truck, he heard machine gun fire. Still no one realized it was Japanese planes. “We were standing there looking up and all at once one dove down on us and opened up his machine guns and fire flew all around our feet.” He said that within 10 minutes “we had machine guns blasting away at them.” That day he made several trips past Pearl Harbor where he saw the ships on fire and “ambulances running like crazy.”

My dad never talked about any of it. There’s no telling what horrific sights he witnessed that day.

So that, Mr. Murrock, is what made America great, not the professorial rambling of a spoiled and clueless 21-year-old. I hope your parents have a basement in their house because with your “sociology “ degree and far-left, thumb-sucking line of thinking, you’re going to be living in it for awhile.

Linda Marlene Conley
B.S. Ed. and 45 years with same company
Tyrone, Ga.


  1. Great comment. All I can say is put your kids in private school, home school or if you have to put them in the public schools…stay on top of what is being taught, what is being said and what is being pushed by the teachers and administration. If you see/hear something so far left…speak up and tell them. Push back. Go to the BOE meetings and complain.

  2. Ahhh….How refreshing! Truth and wisdom from one who has a clue. Sad to say, but the government schools are a BIG part of the problem. Free market competition with tax dollars in the hands of the parents would bring improvement rapidly. The current system is broken and failing children, families, and our country. Time to try something new.