Disrespect by McIntosh students


My wife and I attended the McIntosh at Starr’s Mill football game and unfortunately I saw a repeat of something that has bothered me for the last few years. Since our kids don’t attend McIntosh, I’ve only had to experience this maybe once a year, but I finally have to say something.

When the National Anthem is played or sung, the McIntosh student section scream, “Home of the Chiefs” at the lyrics, “Home of the Brave.” And this week as a Starr’s Mill football player was singing the anthem, the McIntosh students chose to sing the lyrics out of the rhythm of the player and again scream, “Home of the Chiefs.”

This is utterly classless and disrespectful. It’s hard to believe anyone thinks this is appropriate, much less funny. Do any of them have any respect for the flag and the men and women who have died protecting it or the ones who defend it today? Do they not have friends or family that have served that don’t think it is disrespectful?

Some might say, “C’mon, they’re just kids having a little school spirit fun.” Really? If you’re willing to disrespect the flag and anthem just a little, it’s not a big step to disrespect and dishonor it completely.

I’m not saying ALL McIntosh students act this way, but the ones this and other communities see do.

Finally, I’ll lay the blame on three groups of people. First, the students. They do it and they do it without reservation.

Second, their parents. They either haven’t instilled the respect the flag and anthem deserve or they just don’t care.

And last, the McIntosh administration. Do you think this is a good representation of your school? How? It’s an embarrassment.

When I was in school in the 1980s, we would have been led out of the stadium and told if it happens again, there would be disciplinary action, as it should be.

I was a teenager and did stupid things, too, and embarrassed myself, but I would have never thought to disrespect the flag or the anthem.

Matt O’Neal
Peachtree City, Ga.