Veterans enjoyed WWII Heritage Days in Peachtree City


I just wanted to recognize the efforts of the Commemorative Air Force in the WWII Heritage Days in April in Peachtree City, Ga. We are Forever Young Senior Veterans of Alabama, and we came all the way from northern Alabama (and even a few from our home office in Memphis, Tenn.) to experience this. And WOW, were we blown away.

I don’t know what all it takes to put something like that together, but I imagine it’s months of work for an army of volunteers, and I would love it if even more people got to experience this event in the future.

They had period aircraft and vehicles out there, and our veterans got to ride in a B-17 upon arrival. (One of our veterans was a 98-year-old former flight engineer on a B-17, and another was a nose gunner on a B-24; another is 92 and still works 5 days a week as an airplane mechanic here in Huntsville.)

The entertainment was extraordinary, from the singers during the day to the swing band that played that night. The food was so fun — the daytime food was from the canteen and featured “spam burgers,” though I’m not sure any of our guys took advantage of that delicacy. But the food for the dinner was delicious and plentiful. And our veterans would not stop dancing until the band went home.

This even inspired us to plan a swing dance fundraiser for the fall. We are raising funds to send WWII veterans to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day next year.

Many exhibitors were there to entertain and educate. I saw a few students really soaking it in, but wish more could have been there to receive the lessons from living history that our veterans are. Rosie the Riveter gave lessons, many vehicles and aircraft were on site for rides and pictures. People dressed in period clothing. It really was like being transported back in time. To see the Medals of Honor displayed and to touch “Mighty Mo” are things we will not forget.

Much appreciation goes out to the CAF Dixie Wings for hosting this event and allowing us to be a part. We look forward to bringing our heroes to future events.

Elaine Oakes
Chris Batte
Forever Young Senior Veterans of Alabama