What is right age for buying a gun?


The Liberal/Democrats continue to pursue a change to the age that a person can legally purchase a gun/rifle in this country. Now it appears that the age of 21 is the new target/objective.

I offer only these facts: A “kid” at the age of 16 (if emancipated) or 17, with parent’s permission, is allowed to enlist in the American Armed Forces.

This “kid,” male or female, will be trained in the operation and use of guns and rifles (and a lot more), to defend this country and kill its enemies wherever they are in defense of our national security.

These “kids” die and are wounded in belief of the ideals of our country.

Yet when the ones who survive return home, they are not considered responsible enough to purchase a gun/rife before the age of 21. Please help me understand this.

Roger F. Casale
LTC, U.S. Army (Retired)
Peachtree City, Ga.