So, we Christian conservatives aren’t ‘dynamic’ enough?


Several weeks ago a writer suggested that Amazon and other “high tech” companies might not move into areas where there is a “hint of discriminatory politics.” He goes on to say that “… the Bible Belt as we are, I am not sure that this is something our population can truly support. There needs to be a community of like-minded dynamic people for these folks to want to be around.” I don’t know if the writer intended his remarks as insults, but it strikes me that way.

Obviously that writer considers Christians as somehow being prejudiced. I think the writer is the one that is prejudiced, and that is fine as I support his right to think that of myself and all the other un-dynamic people that believe in God and his son Jesus, read the Bible, and attend Church and around Fayette and Coweta seem to live with and actually get along with most everybody else that is not Christian.

Knowing what we know about the corporate work environment in Silicon Valley businesses, I would suggest that the writer consider writing about their “discriminatory policies” when it comes to their treatment of Christians in their work place.

I’m very happy to think that we really might not be “dynamic” enough for those people to want to be around us.

Scott K. Gilbert
Senoia, Ga.