To save PTC, keep TDK bridge dead


This time the charge to cut Peachtree City in half is led by wannabe mayor and mega-gym owner Mr. Dar Thompson in need of a steady supply of patrons for his gyms, the same Mr. Thompson who is telling us, that Peachtree City is shrinking, while the paper reports that McIntosh High School is building new classrooms.

Since the outside has exploded with new land developments in all directions, nothing has changed inside our “bubble” to justify running an expressway through our fair city. Nothing, since the same attempt was made some years ago. Yes, we old geezers are still reading and watching, only missing Sallie [Satterthwaite] as our scribe.

Just imagine a direct route from East Coweta using the new bridge crossing Line Creek into Peachtree City, by way of TDK Extension to Crosstown Road, designed only to feed our neighborhoods, to Ebenezer Road and ending at Ga. highway 54, the front door of the new super development PinewoodHollywood East, the Fayette County Piedmont Hospital and by way of the new Veterans Highway connecting to Ga. highway 92 and all points north. Everything is in place. Only the bridge to Coweta is missing.

Let’s keep it missing to save our Peachtree City.

Klaus Schoeffler (35-year resident)
Peachtree City, Ga.