Fayetteville, thank you for your kindness to a stranger


My husband and I in our 37 years of marriage have traveled the United States and the world. Along the way we have met some extraordinary people. Fayetteville has some very extraordinary people.

My husband, who has dementia, left home Friday afternoon, Feb. 23 from Mayo, Fla., and wound up crashed in a ditch on Feb. 24 in Fayetteville.

I cannot thank enough the kind people of this city that helped my husband: the clerk of the BP Station who used her cell phone to call me and inform me that my husband was OK, the fine police officers, Lieutenant J. Towler and Patrolman J. Taylor, who safely kept my husband at police headquarters until I could get there to pick him up, the paramedics who took him to Piedmont Hospital, and Nurse James and Dr. Amin who were considerate and very professional in checking for any injuries my husband might have sustained during the crash.

Lieutenant Towler stopped into the hospital twice to see how we were doing and Patrolman Taylor called twice. This was beyond the call of duty.

Fayetteville, Ga., should be extremely proud of these fine and upstanding citizens. I can not begin to thank these people enough.

Susan and Chester Martin
Mayo, Fla.