In PTC, close encounters of the 2-wheeled kind

My neighbor Jerry and I were almost killed or seriously injured today (2/27). Factors are involved here that have never been addressed by administration in all the years I have been living in Peachtree City, despite prior complaints by me and others.

I was walking eastbound on the part of the cart path that passes beneath Cameron Trail near Trillege just as a bicyclist tore down the curve that feeds into the tunnel.

We were approaching the tunnel exit when he appeared suddenly, and he would not have been able to stop even if he had tried. He was going at top speed, my neighbor and I barely having enough time to even pin ourselves to the sides of the narrow passage.

We were extremely lucky. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened had a family with children been there at that time.

I find these racers on bikes to be potentially more deadly with respect to our cart paths than folks driving golf carts.

You usually cannot hear bikes that are approaching rapidly behind you, and some of the brainless fools, like the one I encountered today, will make little or no attempt to slow at intersections and blind tunnels or when there are people in front of them.

Bells and horns are required, but few are polite enough to use them.

I’ve proposed this before, and I’ll propose this again: Dangerous tunnels such as the one that runs under Cameron Trail should be provided with caution signs and mirrors so that fast-moving cart drivers and bikers will hopefully be obliged to slow down.

I hold Peachtree City personally responsible for assuring the safety of its residents.

Howard Bookman
Peachtree City, Ga.