School shooting — Move on


We learned another sobering lesson from the shooting massacre of 17 at the Broward County, Florida Parkland school.

“Parkland” is now synonymous with Sandy Hook, Columbine and Orlando.

I personally experienced the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. How striking are the similarities to Parkland.

The takeaway from both mass murders. Who was protecting the children once they are out of the safety of our homes?

NOT: The shooter’s foster family who took him in. Hard to move around in a home with a broom let alone an large semi-automatic rifle. Nothing to see here. Move on. PASS GO.

NOT: The Facebook posts or emails. The shooter was bragging he was, “In training to shoot up the school.” Was he reaching out for help? No one heard his “silent scream”? No need for mental hospitals. Nothing to see here. Move on. PASS GO.

NOT: An active-shooter drill. We have lots of fire drills. “Just another fire drill.” PASS GO.

NOT: Any action taken to “see something, say something” concerning the behavior of an expelled, antisocial, loner former student with a backpack. “Nothing to see here. Move on.” PASS GO.

NOT: The gun laws. The 19-year-old shooter could purchase a semi-automatic rifle but can’t buy a beer. “Nothing to see here. Move on.” PASS GO.

NOT: The gun retailer. Nothing in the FBI/ATF background check report that prevented the sale of the gun. No report of mental illness or aberrant mental behavior that would preclude the sale of the rifle. There aughta be a law? Nothing to see here. Move on. PASS GO.

NOT: The shooter, he had easy access to a “no guns allowed” school zone. No one will shoot back. PASS GO.

NOT: The FBI, they previously interviewed the shooter five times. No guns confiscated, which is a Federal gun law, not enforced. We need a new gun law? “Nothing to see here. Move on.” PASS GO.

NOT: The Broward County police. They had over 30 previous contacts with the shooter. No guns confiscated, which is a Florida gun law, not enforced. We need more gun laws? “Nothing to see here. Move on.” PASS GO.

NOT: The armed Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Resource Officer who stayed at a safe distance outside the school while the innocents were slaughtered. “He never went in.” He was suspended and allowed to put in his retirement papers. Needed to protect his pension? PASS GO.

NOT: The local police. They took several minutes to arrive. The shooting was over in seven minutes. The shooter was long gone, enjoying a Subway soft drink going his merry way. PASS GO.

As predicted, politicians came out of the woodwork, screaming, demanding, pointing fingers to fix blame. Politicizing, weaponizing and not letting a good crisis go to waste. Hijacking the candlelight prayer vigil.

Lots of apologies for incompetence and outright negligence. “Dropping the ball.” “Missing the signs.”

They tell the media they have the answers. Ban guns now. It’s the NRA’s fault. President Trump “used notes” at the White House Listening Session; “we’re gunna do something about this horrible situation.”

We have all heard this tired song before.

They all promise, “Never again,” until again happens … again.

Until they get re-elected … again.

Michael Velsmid
Peachtee City, Ga.