Writer should look in mirror to find hate

While so adolescent that it hardly dignifies a response, I feel compelled to comment on the scathing attack made upon Christians last week in this section of The Citizen.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that this “author” has spewed his disdainful, malevolent and misplaced drivel against people of faith in this public forum.

Last time his convoluted logic claimed as fact that Christians hate poor people because by and large they are conservative and therefore did not support Obama and hence Obamacare, which according to his tenuous system of reasoning means that they must naturally hate the poor. This attack is directed at people who do more for the poor than any entity in existence.

In classic atheistic fashion and befitting of a dyed-in-the-wool flaming liberal, his latest attack has him once again misstating opinion as fact when he wrote, “The FACT is that there are no hypocrites like Southern Evangelical hypocrites,” that “there is no meaner set of haters on our planet” and that Christians are “ensconced in their havens of prejudice, hypocrisy and hate.”

His diatribe then takes on a life of its own, having the temerity to actually compare people of faith with ISIS. Without solid, factual evidence to support his claim, and predictably leaving out comparative left-wing attacks on Ivanka and Barron Trump, he again resorts to pejoratives and personal insults to the point of painting Christians with a broad brush of being “half-witted.”

While Christians acknowledge that “all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God,” anything short of being “God-like perfect” clearly earns them a written public assault from this judgmental author, who is a master of condescension and hubris.

Believers acknowledge that in being human we are all sinful by nature, but those who attend church at least embrace and endeavor to follow the ideals and morals of a sinless Savior. Conversely, this “author” apparently has a moral compass calibrated to CNN, USA Today and worldly values that so capriciously vacillate.

This hater of Christians and Christianity further confuses and cherry-picks the “faith vs. works” topic, with Ephesians clearly stating that works are merely a manifestation of one’s faith whereas salvation is from God’s Grace “through faith” and “not of works so that no one may boast.”

Sad that the peace and joy that Christians celebrate with the advent of Christmas has festered into this man’s Scrooge-like craw as revealed in his incredibly hateful rant.

Perhaps he should more appropriately turn his finger upon himself when describing what represents a real hater and learn to find peace through a purpose higher than ridicule, retribution and rebuke.

Ralph P. Trapaga
Fayetteville, Ga.