Mr. Parker’s broad brush of contempt is hateful smear

I am not a friend or relative of Pastor David Epps. Nor am I a member of his congregation, or denomination. But when I read the rant against him and Evangelical Christians in a letter to the editor in the Dec. 13-14 edition of The Citizen, I had to speak up.

The heading above the letter was “Who are the worst haters on the planet?” Timothy J. Parker told us the transgressions, wrong thinking, and terrible heart motives that he ascribes to Pastor Epps and Evangelical Christians.

How can anybody have credibility when he demonizes a whole group of people, the vast majority of whom he has never talked with or even met? How can he claim to know their minds and heart motives?

Would you please reprint his letter in its entirety so he cannot accuse anyone of taking parts of it out of context?

When your readers see the accusations and name calling, including ISIS, Mr. Parker hurls at Southern Evangelicals and those he calls, “so-called Christians,” I believe they will clearly see who the hater is.

Gloria Ferrell
Peachtree City, Ga.

[The editor replies: Mr. Parker’s letter, in all its tragic irony, was printed in full. Nothing was omitted or changed. Only the headline was added.]