Tax reform bill helps only the well-off

I cannot imagine how or why any right-minded American could support the Republican-proposed tax reform bill. It is nothing more than a thinly veiled monetary reward to upper income earners who generally are Republicans. In fact it so favors the rich and wealthy that it is odious to most others.

The bill as it stands now should not be passed as it is not in the best interest of America. It does not even reduce the national debt. In fact it actually increases it by a trillion and a half dollars.

Advocates of the bill say it will generate more revenue by invigorating the economy. This is the same old “trickle down” argument that has never worked in the past and will not work in the future. It is betting on the come. Hardly sound fiscal policy.

So it is just another flim-flam that will line the pockets of the rich and do nothing to fund worthy projects that will help the rest of us. It will also justify Republican calls for cutting back social welfare spending in the future. Anyone supporting this kind of bill should have his/her head examined.

The purpose of taxation is to fund government spending. That spending should be used to benefit all Americans and not skewed to benefit a small minority that doesn’t even need help.

There are so many unfunded, or defunded, worthy projects now that many feel the nation is going to ruin. We always seem to have enough to increase defense spending, even amidst calls for reduced domestic spending.

Where are the traditional Republican exhortations to balance the budget now? I haven’t heard any, have you? Republicans love defense spending, it sounds so good and is so profitable. Is it not enough that we spend more on defense than the six nations below us?

I am not opposed to tax reform if it will benefit all Americans. If our corporate tax structure is prohibiting foreign investment and/or driving corporations overseas, OK, let’s fix it. But not at the expense of the lower classes.

As a fiscal conservative, I think it is high time we made an effort to reduce the national debt and stop with the voodoo economics that never seem to work out. I also think it is high time for Republicans to stop talking out of both sides of their mouths and begin practicing what they preach. What do you say, let’s make America great again.

David Browning
Peachtree City, Ga.