Fayette E-SPLOST YES carries 2-to-1; Peachtree City runoffs for mayor, Post 3

Poll workers deliver vote totals from a precinct to the Fayette County Elections Office in Fayetteville. Photo/Ben Nelms.

UPDATE 9:40 p.m. — With all 12 Peachtree City precincts reporting, the voters have put incumbent Mayor Vanessa Fleisch and former City Councilman Eric Imker into a December runoff  to decide which one will lead the city in January.

Fleisch recorded 2,517 votes (43.25%) while Imker received 1,799 votes (30.92%). Third-place finisher Dar Thompson had 1,493 votes (25.66%).

For the Peachtree City Post 3 slot, Kevin Madden got 2,144 votes (40.14%), while Harold Logsdon tallied 1,730 votes (32.39%). That puts Madden and Logsdon in the runoff in December.

Third-place finisher Sarah Toussaint had 1,442 votes (27%).

In Tyrone, Council Post 3 incumbent Ken Matthews has won with 669 votes (66.11%) to Eric Woods’ 338 votes (33.4%).

For Fayetteville Post 4, Rich Hoffman has won outright with more than 60 percent of the vote in the three-way race. Hoffman had 685 votes (60.57%), while Brett Nolan received 273 votes (24.14%) and Gha-is Bashir Paige got 168 votes (14.85%).

Across Fayette, YES voters outnumbered NO voters nearly 2-to-1 in approving another four years of a one-cent tax devoted to the school system, known as an E-SPLOST. There were 7,098 votes (63.84%) in the YES column, and 4.021 votes (36.16%) in the NO category.

In Senoia, City Council Post 1 candidate Chuck Eichorst beat Tom Malone 247 votes (62.53%) to 146 ( 36.96%).  For Senoia Council Post 2, William Pearman had 275 votes (73.53%) to 97 votes (25.94%) for Gregory Lanman.

In Turin, the race for mayor turned on one vote. Incumbent Alan D. Starr edged Tony Crunkleton 68 votes to 67 votes (50.37% to 49.63%).

Coweta voters also said YES to SPLOST by a margin of 3,381 YES (65.03%) to 1,818 NO (34.97%).


UPDATE 9 p.m. — Imker cuts into Fleisch’s lead, Madden still ahead of Logsdon, Matthews leads Woods 2-to-1, Hoffman still in lead in Fayetteville

PTC Mayor — 9 of 12 precincts reporting

Fleisch — 2147 (43%)

Imker — 1505 (30%)

Thompson — 1294 (26%)

For PTC Post 3 — 9 of 12 precincts reporting

Madden — 1801 (39.6%)

Logsdon — 1463 (32.1%)

Toussaint — 1262 (27.7%)

Tyrone Post 3 — 1 of 1 precincts reporting

Matthews — 669 (66.1%)

Woods — 338 (33.4%)



UPDATE 8:40 p.m. — E-SPLOST has a commanding lead with 21 of 36 precincts reporting. The YES vote is 5,138 (63.8%) and the NO vote is 2,915 (36.2%).


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CORRECTION: The vote totals posted so far represent only early vote tallies, NOT final totals

In the early vote totals, E-SPLOST has a big lead, Hoffman is ahead in Fayetteville, Matthews leads for his Tyrone seat, Fleisch and Imker are early vote toppers  for Peachtree City mayor. Madden and Logsdon are the top two in the Post 3 vote.

Above, poll workers deliver vote totals from a precinct to the Fayette County Elections Office in Fayetteville Tuesday, Nov. 7. Photo/Ben Nelms.

In early voting, 2,751 voters (62.87%) said YES to continuing a one-cent sales tax devoted to the school system, while 1,625 (37.13%) said NO.

Incumbent Mayor Vanessa Fleisch is flirting with the 50-percent mark, while former Councilman Eric Imker is in second place.  In the early vote, Fleisch got 1,151 votes (49.02%), while Imker received 711 (30.28%) and Dar Thompson came in third with 484 votes (20.61%).

For Post 3, first-time city candidate Kevin Madden drew 872 votes (40.07%) in early voting, former one-term mayor, Harold Logsdon, got 692 votes (31.8%) and student Sarah Toussaint received nods from 608 voters (27.94%).

In Fayetteville, political newcomer Rich Hoffman, a longtime Fayetteville businessman, is in the lead for the Council Post 4 seat with 349 votes (63.45%). Brett Nolan in second with 131 votes (23.82%) and Gha-is Bashir Paige with 66 votes (12%).

In Tyrone, incumbent Ken Matthews has a 2-to-1 lead over challenger Eric Woods. The early vote totals are Matthews with 410 (70.09%) and Woods with 172 votes (29.4%).