Our school system has wronged expelled girl

RE: “Attorney: Girl, 16, reports sexual assault at FCHS, but she gets expelled,” Thursday news story.

The decision to expel a girl who was sexually assaulted is in no way okay. She was choked and forced against her will to take place in sexual contact with a boy. She deserves to be heard and Fayette County did not give her any justice.

So, could you explain to me how the girl was expelled? The male should have been expelled, not the girl who was forced. A tribunal was very necessary but there was not justice for the girl at all.

The fact that the school stated, “She wanted to do it,” is not acceptable. The girl was sexually assaulted, yet the school said she wanted to. The girl gave no consent to the male and the school is being sexist towards the girl.

The school should be held accountable for the teachers doing nothing to help the girl. The counselors and principal made the girl receive a punishment equivalent to a punishment for battery. Also, the school resource officer was not made aware of the sexual assault.

The treatment of the 16-year-old is not acceptable and she deserves to be revoked of her punishment. FCHS needs to be held accountable for doing nothing about a girl being sexually assaulted on the school campus.

Claire A. Ivory
Peachtree City, Ga.