Attempt to burn out bees burns down Fayetteville house


Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services has determined that the July 30 house fire on Burch Road in Fayetteville resulted from residents attempting to use fire to eradicate bees from the roof area.

The fire left the home with significant damage but came with no reported injuries.

Above, Fayette firefighters view aftermath of Burch Road fire. Photo/Fayette County Emergency Services.

Fayette County Deputy Fire Chief Tom Bartlett said units from the Fayette County and Fayetteville fire departments responded to the July 30 fire at 187 Burch Road.

Bartlett said a resident was attempting to eradicate nesting bees by pushing a lighted stick into the soffit area near the gutter and roof line.

“It caught the nest and the house on fire,” Bartlett said, adding that the resident was attempting to extinguish the fire when someone called 911.

To eradicate bees from a roof area, Bartlett recommended purchasing a commercial wasp killer able to project spray a significant distance or contacting a professional pest control operator.

“We don’t recommend trying to burn them out in any manner,” said Bartlett.