Dean’s List announced


The following local students completed courses with exemplary marks and made the Dean’s List for the 2016 fall semester at Georgia College in Milledgeville:

Amy Spradlin of Sharpsburg

Adam Banks of Newnan

Courtney Osborne of Fayetteville

Margaret Wheeler of Sharpsburg

Alexandria Griffin of Sharpsburg

Megan Kuzanek-Hall of Peachtree City

Branden Collins of Senoia

Anthony Caruso of Fayetteville

Deanna Horner of Fayetteville

Alexandria Pappas of Peachtree City

Harrison MacNellis of Peachtree City

Paul Orr of Fairburn

Elizabeth Sheffield of Fairburn

Jamie Pfeifer of Peachtree City

Madison Horton of Fayetteville

Hans Wilson of Sharpsburg

Regan Nash of Brooks

Lauren Hovey of Newnan

Jenna Johnson of Peachtree City

Alison Jarvis of Newnan

Oliver Keith of Hogansville

Jennifer Kurtz of Fayetteville

Jennifer Chamblee of Peachtree City

Ashlie Adamson of Sharpsburg

Hannah Staples of Peachtree City

Sarah McCullough of Fayetteville

Grace Wilson of Peachtree City

David Watson of Peachtree City

Rebecca Maddox of Peachtree City

Hollie Floyd of Peachtree City

Rodney Owen of Brooks

Marshall White of Peachtree City

Emily Flournoy of Newnan

Daniel Vinson of Sharpsburg

Anthony Hoelle of Fayetteville

Colin Kouters of Fairburn

William Anda of Fayetteville

Julianna Butler of Brooks

Benjamin Ford of Peachtree City

Ryan Frisch of Fayetteville

Danielle Brooks of Fayetteville

Katie McGee of Fayetteville

Amber Myers of Peachtree City

Cameron Whitehead of Newnan

Kylan Hill of Moreland

Shae Dwyer of Fayetteville

George Watmore of Peachtree City

Triel Chatham of Fayetteville

Ryan Fuqua of Sharpsburg

Rainey Raiden of Fayetteville

Hunter Riley of Fayetteville

Christopher Costello of Peachtree City

Sarah Penoyer of Peachtree City

Joshua Gable of Fayetteville

Barrett Bornhofen of Peachtree City

Megan Pike of Newnan

William Refuss of Fayetteville

Nicole Psomas of Fayetteville

Bianca Bringuel of Fayetteville

Andrew Hughes of Tyrone

Matthew Greene of Senoia

John Raville of Fayetteville

Sarah Stange of Peachtree City

Anthony Pruner of Peachtree City

Jacob Clonts of Peachtree City

Andrew Summers of Senoia

Emily Watmore of Peachtree City

Sarah Dumas of Peachtree City

Makayla Hays of Peachtree City

Jason Lambert of Fayetteville

Kagen Sparks of Fayetteville

James Crouch of Newnan

Sara Demlow of Newnan

Ragan Smoak of Fayetteville

Shelby Stillwell of Sharpsburg

Andrea Brucker of Peachtree City

Phillip Gault of Peachtree City

Courtney Crumpton of Newnan

Frankie Hohenstein of Peachtree City

Aidan Burleson of Fayetteville

Anna Dean of Newnan

Daniel Goorsky of Senoia

Joshua Anderson of Newnan

Kyle Corbin of Peachtree City

Nicole Giddens of Fayetteville

Janileyah Thompson of Newnan

Carrington Stout of Senoia

McKenzie Helmbold of Fayetteville

Kayla Odom of Fayetteville

Cheyenne Balliew of Newnan

Abbigail Schelkopf of Peachtree City

McLane Montgomery of Fayetteville

Aspen Nidey of Fayetteville

Karah Duke of Sharpsburg

Bradley Benton of Peachtree City

Andrea Harper of Peachtree City

Daniel McCullough of Fayetteville

Daniel Woodhead of Fayetteville