Georgia Tech announces Dean’s List


The following local students have earned the distinction of Dean’s List at the Georgia Institute of Technology for Spring 2016. This designation is awarded to undergraduate students who have a 3.0 or higher academic average for the semester.

Lloyd Anders of Peachtree City

Taylor Avery of Peachtree City

Carey Barronton of Newnan

Brooke Beatty of Fayetteville

Bayley Bowers of Fayetteville

Nicholas Britt of Fayetteville

Justin Buchanan of Peachtree City

Natalie Bullock of Newnan

Maria Bump of Newnan

Madison Bunker of Peachtree City

Lindsey Bush of Fayetteville

Alexander Casado of Fayetteville

Michael Dean of Newnan

Jeremy Dibattista of Peachtree city

Shane Donevant of Peachtree City

Laura Dudley of Fayetteville

Harris Eldridge of Newnan

Thomas Evans of Peachtree City

Samantha Finkelstein of Newnan

Alexandra Freeney of Peachtree City

Jeremy Gura of Peachtree City

Nolan Hall of Fayetteville

Tyler Hall of Tyrone

Luke Hammock of Newnan

Travis Hanly of Peachtree City

Conor Hill of Fayetteville

Vishnu Iyengar of Fayetteville

Monica Jamison of Peachtree City

Jeremiah Johnson of Palmetto

Lionel Jones of Fayetteville

Ellie Klarl of Fayetteville

Morgan LaMarca of Newnan

Luis Fernando Lopes of Sharpsburg

Brandon Manuel of Peachtree City

James Mapel of Newnan

Thomas Marion of Fayetteville / Peachtree City

Sulemana Moro of Riverdale

Shane Mudrinich of Fayetteville

Marguerite Murrell of Peachtree City

Alayna Nicholson of Newnan

Easton Pal of Tyrone

Nikita Patel of Newnan

Sydney Phillips of Fayetteville

Charles Ramey of Newnan

Jessica Richey of Peachtree City

Malik Russell of Fayetteville

Numera Sachwani of Fayetteville

Levi Salyards of Newnan

Emily Smith of Newnan

Taylor Stillman of Fayetteville

Jessica Strain of Peachtree City

Annika Strauss of Fayetteville

Stephanie Su of Fayetteville

Claire Tacy of Fayetteville

Dean Thoms of Fayetteville

Anjali Tripathi of Fayetteville

Teegan Van Gunst of Fayetteville

Travis Van Nimwegen of Fayetteville

Armon Varmeziar of Peachtree City

Avery Vasily of Sharpsburg

Avery Weatherford of Newnan