Beware of pine straw scam


With pine straw season soon upon us there are many scam artists out there. I thought I’d share my experience with my fellow citizens but would like not to provide my contact information because these guys intimated revenge. If they know that I’m putting this out, that’s exactly what I’d expect. Here’s my story:

Last year, I referenced the attached card and ordered pine straw from these individuals. When they arrived, I noticed that their bales seemed smaller than normal. They immediately lowered the price to $3.15 per bale to compensate.

I said that it normally took 50 or so bales to do the front yard and to stop there so I could assess how well their bales spread. My neighbor across the street noticed them working and asked them to spread 100 bales on his property.

As they were finishing up my front yard, they presented me with a bill for 744 bales at a price of $2,343.60. They hit my neighbor similarly.

I told them that they could pick up what they had and haul it off, or that I’d pay them for the 50 bales that I limited them to. They played their usual good cop/bad cop routine with me, with their “peacemaker” wanting to settle.

I went into my house and called the sheriff. Then I noticed my neighbor going through the same disbelief. Because these guys intimated revenge, he settled with them and so did I, but they got me for $500 for $157 worth of pine straw.

Whatever you do, don’t use these guys because they are clearly scam artists. The phone number on the card has changed, but they’re from Columbus, Ga. They were four black males in their 20s, the leaders named Jack Steed and Deontavious Steed.

Name withheld by request
Fayetteville, Ga.