Schools gain two new donors


Two long-time supporters of schools in the county have joined the newly restructured Partners in Education (PIE) program. Harp’s Crossing Baptist Church was the first partner to sign on with PIE, followed by ClubZ! In-Home Tutoring.

PIE is managed under Fayette County Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides additional funding for educational programs and opportunities for students and staff of the Fayette County Public School System.

Both Harp’s Crossing and ClubZ! are recognized as system-wide partners and were presented with a certificate to display in their lobby or office identifying them as an official partner of the school system.

In addition to monetary donations to schools and the Fayette County Education Foundation’s general fund, both are also donating items and services.

The new PIE structure simplifies the process of becoming a business partner with the school system.

Businesses or organizations complete a short donation form, selecting one of 10 sponsorship levels for the year.

Donations can be allocated for countywide distribution, or to a specific school or schools, as well as to particular programs or events.

Information about the PIE program, as well as donation forms and sponsorship levels, can be found on the Fayette County Education Foundation’s website

Contact Melinda Berry-Dreisbach, treasurer of the Fayette County Education Foundation and public information specialist for the school system, at, or 770-460-3535 for more information.