Burch receives a $10,000 Empowerment Package


Robert J. Burch Elementary School in Tyrone recently received an Empowerment Package from Fellowship of Love Church, a Partner in Education.

This package, valued at approximately $10,000, will assist the school with a variety of projects to support student learning and student-centered activities.

The Empowerment Package includes funds to send teachers to professional conferences, funding for substitute teachers to work during school planning meetings, cameras for student use who are working on Burch’s Year Book Staff, uniforms for the Student Ambassadors, and $3,000 to help the school acquire the Rossetta Stone program that will allow students to learn Spanish, French and German, as well as other languages.

Burch’s Principal, Felecia Spicer, has expressed that this Empowerment Package is a true gift to the students and faculty of Burch Elementary. It is allowing for Burch to dream big and give the students the best education and opportunities possible.