Councilman-elect Dienhart invites Imker, Haddix to truce meeting


As Election Day and its related politics recede behind us, we can now look forward to the hard work that begins in January.

I came into this election promising complete transparency, open communication and promising to help end the discord within the Peachtree City Council. Here is how I intend to do that.

Transparency and communication – I think you will find that I will be the most approachable city councilman this city has ever seen. To facilitate communication I have transitioned my website ( from a campaign site to a communication tool.

All my council votes will be explained via the website, within 5 days. If you want to know why I voted the way I did, this should be your first resource.

I hope that by providing the people of Peachtree City a running record of my voting record, we will begin to have the honesty and transparency that we need to have an effective government in Peachtree City.

For those wishing to comment on the website, remarks have been enabled. This is but one way we can communicate. I will also be having quarterly meet and greets, time and place to be determined. This will also be coordinated via this website.

I will be announcing the first meet and greet prior to swearing in. I look forward to an open and honest discussion on important issues.

For quick updates, you can follow me on Twitter- @Dienhartforptc. This will also transition from a campaign resource to a communication tool.

The also transitions on Wednesday. It will be replaced by my city-provided email in January. Longer questions or comments can be sent to this email, and I will follow up as soon as possible.

The bigger problem is council discord. The difficulties have been recognized by most that sit on current council. Several members have stated that they don’t know how to fix it.

At this time, I propose a meeting between myself, Mayor Haddix and Councilman Imker. Time is of the essence. Once I am sworn in, this meeting would be considered a quorum, and the opportunity to have a mediated face to face meeting will be gone.

I believe this meeting is crucial to our city’s success. Both men are hard-working and dedicated public servants who want what’s best for Peachtree City.

I’d like to help them find comfortable middle ground where we can all move forward and help our city to succeed. We all want what’s best for our city; let’s figure out how we can make it happen.

This council will serve the city for at least the next two years. We have a duty to ensure that this is the best council that has ever served. Any less, is a disservice to our employers, the people of Peachtree City.

There are big issues that face us. A down economy, empty retail and industrial space and falling revenue all need to be addressed — as a team.

Mr. Mayor and Councilman Imker, let’s meet and get off to a fresh start. Not just for the sake of those who we serve with, but also for the sake of those we serve.

George Dienhart

Post 2 councilman-elect

Peachtree City, Ga.


[Dienhart was unopposed in his Post 2 election.]