Emily Stastny – A Road To Recovery volunteer


Emily Stastny was born in Augusta, vacationed in Germany, where she met her husband, Randy, lived in Auburn and then lived in Texas, where she obtained her degree in Interior Design. They moved to Fayetteville 11 years ago, had her own interior design business, lost a sister to cancer and realized what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She decided to work with the Cancer Society driving cancer patients to their appointments at no charge of any kind to them.

The Cancer Society has a program entitled “Road to Recovery.” It involves recruiting, screening and training of volunteer drivers to scheduling transportation pickups. The Society maintains specific standards for the responsibilities of the drivers. Can they take you anywhere else but to your appointment or run you around on errands? Nope.

Can they give you medical advice? Nope. Can they physically assist those who are not ambulatory? No, those folks must bring along a friend or family member to assist them.
Emily understands the importance of helping those who do not have family in the area and need transportation to their appointments. These drivers help cancer patients beat cancer by getting them to their treatments in a timely fashion.

Said Emily, “I feel that I am giving a gift. It’s not charity. No financial need is required.”

If you must get to cancer treatments and need transportation that is at no charge call 1-800-ACS-2345 or www. cancer.org. The call will be transferred to the appropriate area.
Please remember this service is available to those going to somewhere in the local area. If you require going some distance away, that arrangement must be made with the driver.

Don’t forget – The American Cancer Society is The Official Sponsor of Birthdays.