‘Gator’ caution urged at Lake Kedron


A ranger with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources was unable to locate an alligator that has been reported at Lake Kedron, Peachtree City officials said.

The ranger toured the lake on a boat Thursday but the search came up empty.

However, the city is urging residents to take caution not just near the lake, but also along the city’s path system that are near lakes, streams and other bodies of water.

Residents who spot the alligator are asked to first make sure what they’re seeing is not a log. If it is indeed the creature, take a photograph if possible and call the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Game Management Division at 1-478-825-6354.

If the alligator is acting aggressively, such as hissing or approaching humans or animals, call 911 immediately, officials said.

Swimming is prohibited in Lake Kedron, but allowed in Lake Peachtree, so residents are being advised to swim during daylight hours only.

Other alligator safety tips provided by the city include:
• Do not feed alligators, and don’t leave bait or fishing debris in the open because it can attract alligators;
• Keep a close eye on children near bodies of water; watch them closely at all times;
• Also be cautious with pets, and don’t let your dog swim in waters where alligators might be. Also keep pets away from the shores of lakes and out of dense undergrowth along the paths and in yards. These areas can harbor snakes and other animals dangerous to your pet;
• Don’t panic: even in Florida, the alligator capital of the United States, a person has a higher chance of being struck by lightning than being attacked by an alligator.

Though the alligator would be quite a ways from its normal habitat, another alligator report was recently confirmed in a lake on the far southern end of Fayette County this week. So an alligator taking up residence in Lake Kedron is not that far-fetched a possibility.

There was speculation that the south Fayette gator may have come from the nearby Line Creek.

For more information on wildlife in Georgia, including alligators, please visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management page at www.georgiawildlife.com/education/educator-resources.