Second woman arrested for impersonating officer, robbing woman


A second arrest has been made in connection with Oct. 7, 2009 incident where two women impersonating undercover officers prompted an elderly north Fayette County woman to give them $3,700 from her bank account.

Katina Jetuan Jones, 39, of Birmingham, Ala., was arrested May 15 and was booked into the Fayette County Jail on charges of impersonating a police officer, kidnapping and robbery, according to sheriff’s spokesperson Brent Rowan.

Rowan said during the 2009 incident the elderly north Fayette woman was at home when two women showed up at her door posing as police officers. The elderly victim said both women displayed law enforcement type badges and were dressed in plain clothes when they told her that she was currently being investigated for making counterfeit money.

Rowan said the two women ordered the elderly woman to produce any money she had inside the residence to be used as evidence against her. The two women continued by threatening to arrest the elderly female if she did not produce any money from her bank account.

The elderly victim was driven to a Riverdale bank where the Fayette woman withdrew money from her account turning it over to the two impostors, Rowan said. After receiving a total of $3,700, the two women then abandoned the elderly female at a Riverdale Church’s Chicken restaurant, he said.

Rowan said another woman, 55-year-old Paula A. Youngblood, also of Birmingham, is in the Fayette County Jail facing charges in the same case. Rowan said she was arrested in Alabama late last year and transported to Fayette County in March.

Rowan said additional charges are pending against Jones and Youngblood for incidents involving a second elderly Fayette County resident and the theft of her credit card and in another incident involving an elderly Clayton County resident.