PTC company goes with solar power


ALTA Refrigeration has completed a 98.7-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its Peachtree City, Ga., facility, the company announced recently. The system is cutting its electrical metered usage in half using high power modules made by Georgia-based Suniva.

The system is one of the largest in the state of Georgia, and the second largest commercial system installed in Peachtree City this year.

ALTA Vice President Terry Childers said a big benefit of using solar has been reducing the peak demand usage, which utilities charge commercial customers in order to maintain adequate system capacity during high-usage hours.

“We’ve reduced our power usage by more than 50 percent and reduced our demand rate by more than 30 percent,” Childers said. So ALTA is not only using less power, it is paying less for what they use.

ALTA Refrigeration designs and installs refrigeration systems for food processing plants, multi-temperature distribution centers, food service centers and cold storage facilities in addition to a variety of other industrial settings.

Atlanta-based Inman Solar was tapped to help develop and integrate a solar solution for ALTA Refrigeration that made economic sense and was environmentally sustainable.

“Projects like this represent a win-win for the customer and the community alike,” said Steve Chiariello, principal, Inman Solar. “ALTA gets a great investment that matches its commitment to making the community and environment a better place. Plus, the community benefits from the reduced emissions that result from solar projects.”

Bryan Ashley, Chief Marketing Officer of Suniva, Inc., said, “Congratulations to ALTA and Inman for moving so quickly to install the solar array and start benefitting from reduced power bills and promoting sustainability. Companies like ALTA are leading the way for clean energy in Georgia.”
The ALTA project benefitted from state and federal grants that were part of the Clean Energy Property Rebate program, as administered by the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA). GEFA promotes the stewardship of Georgia’s energy, land and water resources and encourages economic development through low-interest loan and grant programs.

“The use of solar energy is growing in Georgia and these incentives help to promote solar as a viable source of renewable energy in our state,” said GEFA Executive Director Phil Foil.

Solar energy projects in Georgia received $4.5 million in grant funds through the Clean Energy Property Rebate Program. The program funded 14 projects as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), including the ALTA Refrigeration solar installation.

ALTA Refrigeration is a full service industrial refrigeration solutions manufacturer of field erected systems that specializes in the design and installation of refrigeration systems for food processing plants, multi-temperature distribution centers, food service centers and cold storage facilities.

Inman Solar is a full service solar photovoltaic systems integrator serving commercial and residential customers in Georgia and the Southeast. They offer engineering, installation, maintenance and consultation services for residential, commercial and utility scale projects.