Police reports Apr. 20-26


The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Tuesday, April 20 – Monday, April 26
Ketra Denae Cobb-Quinn, 35, of Adams Court, Fayetteville, for abuse/insult public school teacher/disrupt public school, disorderly conduct and simple assault.
Terrance Charles Cook, 35, of Hillsdale Drive, Fayetteville, for possession of marijuana, reckless driving, too fast for conditions, passing on shoulder, unregistered vehicle and unsafe or improperly equipped vbehicle.
Michael Clay Corbin, 35, of Woodbrooke Court, Fayetteville, for lane violation, DUI alcohol and no license.
Min Ki Gi, 19, of Hambrick Park, Fayetteville, for hit and run and obey traffic controls.
Michael Charles Phillips, 49, of Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, burglary, criminal trespass and drug law violation.
Clifton Jerome Phillips, 28, Intown Place, Fayetteville, for burglary, criminal trespass and probation violation.
Jason Wayne Rachels, 34, of Fleetwood Drive, Fayetteville, for cruelty to children, battery family violence and interference with a 911 call.
Almer Valenzuela-Gomez, 39, of Sweet Briar, Palmetto, for unsafe vehicle and no license.
Jasmine Victoria Vanvalen-Facey, 19, of Circle Drive, Fayetteville, for financial identity fraud (2).
Geneice Williams, 44, of Champion Trail, Fairburn, for failure to appear.
Norman Williams, 56, of Brookhaven Court, Fayetteville, for hit and run.
John Barry Griffith, 45, of Foxglove Court, Peachtree City, for loitering and no license.
Randall Erwin Robertson, 45, of Georgia Avenue, Forest Park, for financial identity fraud.
Brien Shaun Smothers, 40, of Ethans Way, McDonough, for probation violation.
Arturo Morales Gallegos, 35, of Rock Springs Road, Riverdale, for probation violation.
Alberto Reyes-Hernandez, 23, of Silva Drive, Forest Park, for no license.
Annie Huff, 51, of Honeycut Drive, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Michael Anthony Moody, 28, of Ga. Highway 314, Fayetteville, for simple battery and affray.
Thomas Oneil Moore III, 20, of Ga. Highway 314, Fayetteville, for battery-family violence and affray.
Billy Charles Mullaney, 39, of Houston Road, Macon, for probation violation.
Barron Eugene Strickland, 47, of Bethsaida Drive, Riverdale, for duty to report an accident, open container, lane violation, pedestrian under the influence and DUI.
Jorge Estevez, 28, of Avalon Boulevard, Fairburn, for simple assault.
Dionte Gary Marks, 25, of Bridgewater Place, Riverdale, for probation violation.
Vincent Richard Nixon, 53, of Tower Road, Peachtree City, for no license, less than an ounce of marijuana, manufacture/sale/distribution of Schedule I and II drugs and marijuana.
Sarah Hout Norton, 36, of Peachtree Road, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Fancee Little Riddle, 33, of Burson Drive, Carrollton, for probation violation.
Douglas Lee Winter, 36, of Corinth Road, Jonesboro, for no license, lane violation, DUI alcohol and too fast for conditions.
Joseph John Corvino, 23, of Arden Court, Peachtree City, for DUI alcohol, speeding, hit and run, lane violation and reckless driving.
Ryan James Ewing, 17, of Winesapp Way, Fayetteville, for lane violation and DUI alcohol.
Bryan Lee Graham, 44, of Franklin Farm Circle, Fayetteville, for simple battery.
Vincent Marion Moss, 19, of Blair Ridge Road, Austell, for DUI less safe, reckless driving, too fast, lane violation and open container.
Leon Demetruis Redding, 23, of Pine Circle, Fayetteville, for probation violation and failure to appear.
Sara Elaine Ruberg, 22, of Clifton Lane, Peachtree City, for obstruction.

Fayetteville Police
Tommy Barner, Jr., 20, of Heery Road, Newnan for traffic offense.
juvenile, 15, Fayetteville, for unruly child.
William L. Hood, 19, of Huie Hill, Fayetteville, for loitering and less than an ounce of marijuana.
Rayshawn Jefferies, 25, of Georgia Avenue, Fayetteville for loitering.
Mark Edward Beasely, 40, of Forrest Avenue, Fayetteville, for simple battery.
juvenile, 16, Fayetteville, for disorderly conduct.
Sherry Evans Harrell, 35, of Newnan Crossings, Newnan, for possession of synthetic drugs, DUI alcohol, child endangerment and traffic offenses (2).
Sean Anthony Moody, 42, of South Shore Terrace, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol.
Even J. Medli, 24, of Ridge Creek Dreive, Clarkston, for DUI alcohol and traffic offense.
David William McLendon, 55, of Green Valley Road, Fayetteville, for traffic offenses (6).
Ofelia Maritza Bale, 23, of Beauregard Boulevard, Fayetteville, for simple assault and obstruction.
Ronnie Sylvester Brock, 25, of Fleming Court, Jonesboro, for wanted person (Clayton County).
Leonardo Quiroz Luna, 38, of Ivy Lane, Riverdale, for traffic offenses (2).
Wilson Golden, 66, of Wilma Drive, Atlanta, for traffic offense, DUI alcohol and less than an ounce of marijuana.
Barry S. Wall, 54, of Aloha Drive, Jonesboro, for DUI alcohol, public drunk and traffic offense.
Demetric Donyel Rosser, 29, of Walnut Creek Lane, Jonesboro, for DUI alcohol, traffic offense and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Peachtree City Police
Walter Wood, 42, of Martingale, Peachtree City, for simple battery.
Hector J. Colon-Zambrana, 36, of Granite Way, Newnan, for DUI and disregarding traffic control device.
Joshua Barry Anderson, 36, of Austell Circle, Marietta, for 1st degree forgery.
Bridget Adams, 30, of Wellington Way, Jonesboro, for probation violation.
Tony Thomas, 36, of South Evelyn Place, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Jorge Narvaez-alvarez, 30, of Green Hill Lane, Norcross for no license and speeding.
Tiffani Morse, 27, of Broken Bow Way, Peachtree City, for littering the roadway and fraud.
Solia Jackson, 22, of Bluegill Trace, Peachtree City, for shoplifting.
Ivan Guerrero Robledo, 28, of Knight Way, Fayetteville, for no license, no insurance and suspended registration.
Eliott James Swartz, 29, of North Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City, for DUI alcohol and speeding.
Jermaine Tigner, 26, of Wynnmeade Parkway, Peachtree City, for probation violation.
Santiago Alvarez, 18, of Laurel Drive, Palmetto, for no license.