Outdoor burning ban starts May 1


The Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services wants to remind all residents and developers that the outdoor burning ban will go into effect beginning May 1.

No outdoor burning will be allowed from May 1 until the ban is lifted on October 1. The ban is applied throughout north Georgia to improve air quality.

Until May 1, residents in unincorporated Fayette County, Tyrone, Brooks and Woolsey must call the automated burn permit line at 770-305-5468 to obtain a permit to burn. Developers wishing to burn debris from land clearing before May 1 should contact the department at 770-305-5414.

“The ban must be enforced by our department and helps ensure air quality and significantly reduces the potential for brush fires during the summer months,” said Fayette County Fire Marshal Commander David Scarbrough.

Brush fires from unattended and unsafe outdoor burning have caused significant damage to landscaping, outdoor buildings and in some cases automobiles and homes, fire officials said.

All residents wishing to conduct outdoor burning until the ban goes into effect should call the automated burn permit line and listen carefully to the outdoor burning regulations and especially to the safety items mentioned on the burn permit line, officials said.

The department has the authority to issue a citation to any resident who fails to follow the rules of outdoor burning, violates the burn ban or violates other general safety precautions.

For more information about the ban and safe outdoor burning residents can visit www.fayettecountyga.gov.