Fire ants beware of Turf Wizard


Fire ants in Georgia are an incredible nuisance for most of us. Those mounds of dirt fire ants call home can be found in most of our lawns, fields and pastures, but as home and farm owners, we don’t have to tolerate their vengeance to our families, pets and farm animals.

Through research and technology, there are many products available to rid them from your property, but these products can be toxic to hard to handle for the general public.

It is believed that fire ants appeared in the United States sometime after World War II and are believed to have been transferred through South American grass sod or woody plants that are commonly used in landscaping. The pests managed to infiltrate our area as these plants and grass were bought and sold or relocated. With no natural predators in the United States, the ants soon flourished.

The sting of this venomous pest burns as though the victim has been burned, thus the name ‘fire ant’. During an attack, the worker ants will swarm the victim, sting and inject the alkaloid venom known as piperidine.

Many of us have allergic reactions to this venom causing red, irritated, itchy bites – sometimes fatal if enough venom is injected.

Turf Wizard offers an affordable fire ant control program that consists of granules spread throughout the affected area and is guaranteed to last through the season – often up to a year. March is a great month to start your treatment.

Our team of technicians will assess your area, apply the treatment and in a matter of days, those mounds of dirt will be pest free. Locally owned and operated, a Turf Wizard representative can be reached by calling 678-671-2121 or visit our website at