Weight Loss Medical Clinic offers many options


One of the unfortunate fallouts of the holiday season is weight gain. It is almost universal that no matter how careful one is during the rest of the year. All that wonderful food and beverages that accompany holiday cheer and love will make

you fall off the wagon. It is also almost universal that attempts to lose weight are a very integral part of the New Year resolve. It is for this resolution that Weight Loss Medical Clinic can become an important aid.

“We have been in the weight loss practice also called bariatric medicine for over 20 years,” said Dr. Bala Nyshadham. “Over this period of time several hundreds of our patients have dropped over 15 percent of their body weight. Our record has one patient who dropped 58 pounds in a month.”

Weight Loss Medical Clinic takes great pride in customizing every patient’s needs by looking into their lifestyles and capabilities and individualizing what each one can and cannot do. The staff makes themselves available for their clients at all times to answer any and all queries.

“By making this a personable and pleasant encounter we find that results become superior,”said Dr. Nyshadham. “We explain the mechanisms of action of the choices along with the limitations and side-effects and allow the patients to make their own decisions. For dietary control we painstakingly go into details and tailor the final plan according to the person’s needs.”

The most important aspect of the Weight Loss Medical Clinic program is exercise. Unfortunately, the United States has become one of the most sedentary societies of the world. By remaining patient, supportive and understanding, the staff at Weight Loss Medical Clinic feels that anyone can be won over.

They also have a special interest in Aesthetic medicine; particularily in the use of Botox and Fillers. They advocate these on an individual basis dependant on each person’s needs.

Dr. Nyshadham has been in private General Practice for over 25 years and has been a physician for over 30 years. He is blessed with a loving wife with a background in software technology. Happily married for almost 30 years, he is blessed with two successful children.

Contact Dr. Nyshadham at 706-883-8787. The office is located at 110 Howard Lane, Fayetteville, GA. Regular hours are M-F – 8:30-5:30, evening clinic 5-7pm.