Victim: ‘Afraid for my life’


A Fayette man who was robbed at gunpoint off Layden Avenue and Kenwood Road Jan. 24, 2009 testified in court Monday that when the gunman pointed a pistol at his head, “I was afraid for my life.”

Joseph Gray, 19, testified that the gunman reached into his pockets and took his wallet, his cellphone and his keys.

The defendant, Dezjuan Blakely of Jonesboro, is accused of conspiring with two other men to rob Gray and Joshua Love, 21. Blakely is on trial for two counts of armed robbery, two counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, financial transaction card theft, financial identity fraud and theft by taking motor vehicle.

The trial was not complete by The Citizen’s print deadline Tuesday afternoon.

Gray testified that he and Love waited to meet Blakely in the Walmart parking lot at the Fayette Pavilion Jan. 24, 2009, as previously arranged. They had plans to go to Marietta to meet girls and “have a good time,” Gray testified.

Gray later admitted under cross-examination that he had spoken with Blakely that day about purchasing some marijuana, though he insisted that wasn’t the main reason for the trip. Gray also admitted that he did not disclose the marijuana purchase to sheriff’s detectives who interviewed him about the incident.

Gray said Blakely arrived at the Walmart parking lot in a truck with two other men, and that he and Love got in the vehicle. The truck was driven north on Ga. Highway 314, Gray said, adding that he thought they were going to Marietta at the time.

But the truck turned on Kenwood Road and after an argument between the eventual gunman and Blakely, the truck was pulled over in a neighborhood where the robbery took place. In court documents the location of the armed robbery was listed as Kenwood Road and Layden Avenue.

Gray said that after he and his friend were robbed, they agreed to walk back to his car at the Walmart but he soon realized his keys were stolen. His 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was found several days later, with the radio stripped out and several items removed. The car had exterior damage and the interior had been ransacked, he said.

Prosecutor Lura Landis said that as a result of the robbery Gray’s debit card was successfully used at least once.