F’ville soccer field lighting OK’d


The Fayetteville City Council gave approval last week to a long-evolving plan that will install permanent lighting to the property owned by Thomas Stephens on Tiger Trail. The site currently is used for league soccer play. Sixty-foot lighting poles were approved for the site.

Commenting on the plan prior to the vote, city Planner Linwood Robinson said his department recommended the approval of six poles that would hold three, and possibly six, 1,500-watt adjustable lights to be mounted on the 60-foot poles.

The lighting complies with city codes that require little or no illumination bleeding over onto adjacent property, Robinson said.

The property is used for league soccer by Concorde Fire Soccer teams. Stephens until Jan. 7 has a temporary order from the council allowing him to continue to use generator-powered temporary lighting.

Robinson said the permanent lighting is expected to be installed 4-6 weeks after Stephens signs the contract.

The motion to approve the permanent lighting included the condition that the temporary lighting come down by Jan. 7 and that the tree-filled buffer on the north side of the property adjacent to Hood Avenue owned by Stephens remain undisturbed as long as the property is being used as an athletic field.