Cops: Shop safely in F’ville


The annual round of Christmas shopping cranks up on Friday. And Fayetteville Police are offering a number of crime prevention tips to help keep holiday shopping safer.
The precautions officers advise are all common sense, but their suggestions can be easily overlooked or forgotten during the rush to get the best bargains on those Christmas gifts. The precautions pertain to any shopping area, large or small.
• Place all valuables in your vehicle out of sight.
• Lock your vehicle and close the windows, even if you will be away for only a few minutes.
• Stay in busy, well-lit places.
• Park as close to the store as possible.
• Be alert to any activity near your car.
• Pay attention to your surroundings.
• Watch your purse, wallet and checkbook while you shop.
• Always double-check that the sales clerk returned your credit card and driver’s license.
• Never let credit cards and identification out of your sight since this invites unauthorized use.
• Do not let people distract you (for example, people asking you to read labels, asking about recipes or inquiring about diabetic information).
• Be cautious of the all too prevalent money scams (things like people asking to put their money with yours or asking you to cash a check for someone else).
• And a tip for every day of the year is to drive safely and wear your seatbelt, even on short trips.
For more information contact Fayetteville Police at 770 461-4441 or call 911 to report suspicious activity.