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Final 30 days at FMS

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On Monday, April 15, there will be only 30 days of school left for Fayette County until next year and forever for Fayette Middle School. Luckily, we have a ton of stuff packed into those 30 days.

Before anything else, we have to finish the CRCT (Boooo!).

For me, in comparison to the rest of the year, the biggest events are happening in chorus. First we are going to have “Gospel on the Green” April 24. It is a FCHS event at the amphitheater and will include performances from many famous gospel singers including one with whom FMS chorus will perform.

At the beginning of May, chorus, band, and orchestra will be taking a four-day trip to New York City. We are all VERY excited about the trip and want to thank Ms. Gividen, Mr. Kufchak, and Mr. Johnson for all of the hard work and enthusiasm they put into giving us our first true exposure to the fine arts.

On May 10 Fayette Middle School will present the biggest event of the year. The FMS Talent Show has been held for many years and has shown the many great talents of the students and teachers. It is also the only official chorus fundraiser. This will mostly go to pay back the cost of putting on the show.

This is the last FMS event that will be open to the community. So everybody come out and see our amazing family.

See our championship Step Team, the amazing chorus, band, and orchestra, the “It’s Not My Time” band, talented dancers, singers, an amazing sign language musical interpretation, and the show-stopping finale that gives the show its name, “For Good.”

All of us would like to thank Mrs. Patterson for all the work she has put into this talent show. She has made it her mission to make sure that Fayette Middle School goes out in style.

We couldn’t be any more proud of our school and can’t wait to show it all to you on May 10 at the Southern Ground Amphitheater.

The final event for us will be the spring concert for chorus held at FMS. We don’t have a date yet but it will be a bittersweet end to an amazing experience at FMS.

[Samantha Frazier, a FMS seventh-grader, volunteered to write a series of opinion columns for The Citizen about the closing of her school from a student’s viewpoint.]


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