Expand the playoffs

Let’s just say openly what every college football fan knows already — that the present system of choosing the top four teams to play in the national championship games is flawed. The latest furor involves whether Ohio State University should have been chosen over Alabama. Alabama has the better record but was not the divisional […]

Political rants by Christians

I have been appalled by the social media behavior from Christians toward this present presidential administration and the last. I have read the posts from people purporting to be believers who have said the most vile and offensive things about both President Obama and President Trump. It is distressing, and I have been around quite […]

Sex and power

The news is full of people who, from a place of authority and power, have been accused of, or have admitted to, inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. That’s no secret, of course. Such actions have been around as long as there have been men, women, and positions of power. Back when I was about […]

The wall

Once in a great while, I will try an experiment in church. On the appointed Sunday morning, I will ask for a volunteer from the congregation. When the victim, er, the volunteer, comes to the front, I ask him or her to stand in a corner with his/her nose touching the wall. That, done I […]

Why we did it

When a young man or woman, around the age of 18 or 19, joins the military, sometimes the reasons are not quite clear in their own minds. If pressed for a reason, they may say, “to serve my country,” or “to travel and see the world,” or “to have a career.” Often, however, the answer […]

Our violent humanity

I have been a consumer of documentaries and programs focused on historical events for many years. I fancy myself as an amateur historian in some areas and here is my conclusion: the world is, and always has been, an intensely violent, barbaric, and dangerous place. The evidence abounds. All one has to do, if one […]

Scented candles and manly men

I have to admit, I like fragrances. The sense of smell, after all, is one of the five senses that most people have. The other day, as I rode my motorcycle past a newly-mown athletic field, the scent transported me back to the days of fall and victory and defeat on the high school gridiron. […]

Alphabet soup

Many of us are aware of the alphabet soup of the United States government. There’s the FBI, CIA, DHS, NCIS, NASA, USAF, USN, USCG, USA (army), and the USMC. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other initials that stand for some agency or organization. Even in the sports world there’s the NBA, MLB, […]

Those I would like to thank

As I reflect upon the year thus far, I realize that I owe a debt of gratitude to certain individuals, groups, and organizations. You have helped to make my life simpler, have reduced my stress levels, and have added to an overall sense of increased calm. I shall list these in no particular order: The […]

The fog of fear

Someone recently asked me, “If you had it to do over, what would you do differently in high school?” Although I would do a great deal differently, my first response was, “I’d run for student council.” “Why didn’t you?” the person inquired. “Fear,” was my simple response. A few years ago I read a book […]