Fascists, Nazis, racists: Accurate definitions matter

There are three words being cast about by people who evidently have little understanding of the meanings of those words. The words have been evident in the politics of the left (there are other words misused by the right) for some time and, during President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, demonstrators fastened these same […]

Baby diapers, adult cry rooms, and God’s gender

About the time that I think the world can’t possibly get any goofier, something comes along to let me know that humankind has an apparent unlimited potential for goofiness. I saw a television interview with a lady the other day who advocated getting your baby’s permission before changing its dirty diaper. The interviewer had the […]

Babies and borders

There seems to be a great deal of emotion being expended regarding the situations at the southern border of the nation. One view is that it is immoral for “children to be ripped out of their mother’s arms” when their parents, who have entered the country illegally, are separated from their children for a period […]

Remembering a man I never met

A few years ago, I was sick. Very sick. My wife and I were visiting her parents in East Tennessee. Cindy’s mother was in the hospital with what turned out to be the H1N1 virus. Within a few days she and I, and other members of the family, were infected. I read somewhere that the […]

There is life after high school, so ‘don’t be stupid’

I once had a high school American History teacher call me “stupid.” The reason she did so is that she felt that I was a severe academic under-achiever and was wasting my opportunities. I told her that I wasn’t stupid, to which she replied, “You certainly can’t tell it by your grades.” With that, I […]

What is the most important part of church? Poll says . . .

Recently, the pollster George Gallup released the results of a survey of 1,500 people across the nation. Gallup wanted to know why people went to church (or another place of worship). He listed seven items and asked people to rank them from the most important to the least important. The results of the survey may […]

Our national suicide

In 2002, under the auspices of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, I enrolled in a course on Celtic Christianity. As part of the course requirements, I spent a week in Ireland. At the end of a very full week, we had a night off in Dublin. I decided to go it alone and walked around […]

A ‘little’ overweight

Some time ago, during a visit to my doctor, he said, “You know, except for one thing, you’re in pretty good shape.” “Yeah, I know”, I replied. “I’m a little overweight.” Gazing intently into my face, he said, “You need to remove that word ‘little’ from your vocabulary!” Okay. So I’m more than a “little” […]

A Christmas need comes early

It is seven months until Christmas. There are no decorations, no Christmas sales, no Yuletide specials, no Christmas music on the radios … it’s too far away. Except for members of the Marine Corps League. They are already working toward and planning for Christmas. Each year the members of the Sgt. Clyde Thomson Medal of […]

Remembering Zell Miller, USMC

For the last few years, I have served as the chaplain for the Department of Georgia, Marine Corps League (MCL). Part of my duties as chaplain for this veterans organization is to process the death notifications. Members of the Marine Corps League have served in all of our modern wars and some of them are […]

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