Hogg was seeking fame, unlike Murphy


Carolyn Browning referred to my 4/17/18 The Citizen letter: “Compare Two 17-Year Olds” as “vitriol.” On 5/2/18, Marcia Hendershot’s rebuttal stated she was “disturbed” by my letter preferring WWII highly decorated hero Audie Murphy over media opportunist David Hogg.

The facts are that Parkland Florida MS Douglas HS survivor David Hogg’s primary interest was his “15 minutes of fame.”

When the shooting stopped Hogg “reacted to an emergency situation” by immediately hopping on his bicycle to hurry home, retrieve his camera and return to school for his media photo-op. He declared,”I had to be careful not to break my camera”. [sic]

While he scurried on his round trip home, his fellow students were either dead or bleeding out. Surviving teachers and students were stepping over dead bodies checking for a pulse, ministering to the wounded. Hogg instead got his cowardly “15 minutes” by becoming the poster-boy for the anti-gun, hate the NRA cabal.

Perhaps Browning and Hendershot would prefer the likes of David Hogg defending their freedom. Personally I would rather have today’s Audie Murphy reigning in “unnecessary violence” by “actually” rather than “potentially” defending my future freedom.

I am not surprised that it is “disturbing” to some for me to choose today’s Murphy over Hogg and the “good guys with guns” in our “rabbit holes.”

Michael Velsmid
Peachtree City, Ga.