Evergreen youth take over church duties for a day

Evergreen Church celebrated its annual Youth Sunday in the usual style by turning the reins over to the youth for the morning. The Youth participated in all aspects of the Sunday morning services, including running the sound, greeting members and guests, ushering guests to their seats, reading Scripture, leading worship, and sharing their faith testimonies.

Jonathan Goolsbee, Evergreen’s director of youth, says he is passionate about preteens and teens building a lasting relationship with the Lord, not only during their middle school and high school years, but for the rest of their life.

Evidence of Christ working in the lives of Evergreen’s youth was displayed throughout the service.  Several of the graduating youth shared testimonies about their relationship with the Lord and emphasized the message that it is important to steward your faith to others.

One McIntosh High School senior, Nash Gosser, compared his faith journey to high school football. He stated that the most meaningful experience in his high school journey has been “stewarding lessons learned to the incoming freshmen by guiding them and setting the example of a student athlete both on and off the field.”

Nash continued “Our job as followers of Christ extends far beyond just living in this world and acting the right way. Jesus turned his entire ministry over to 12 men. He did not simply just act the right way, hoping the disciples would follow. He guided the disciples and prepared them them for the day in which they would be handed the duty of spreading His word throughout world.”

The testimonies shared by high school seniors, Nash, John McCauley, Angela Ricketts, and Kyle Meyhoefer, all emphasized the importance of “stewarding your faith to the next generation and pointed out that you’re never too old to do so.”

Evergreen youth volunteered alongside several other area churches June 6-9 to build and repair homes for those in need, in partnership with Square Foot Ministries, a local non-profit in Fayetteville.

For more information about Evergreen’s Children and Youth Ministries, call 678-788-7374.