Absurd irony: Russia and the Democrats

The Russian government is evil; this is nothing new. Recall the campaign of 2012 and Mitt Romney’s response when asked what was the greatest threat to the US. His response, “Russia.” While taking this trip down memory lane, recall President Obama’s retort, “The ’80s called and they want their foreign policy back.” Ha, ha, great joke and the crowd laughed. Remember the hot mike on President Obama when speaking to the Prime Minister of Russia? “Tell Vladimir that I will have more freedom after the election.” Wonder what that meant.

Now, since our national security apparatus has declared that the Russians were behind leaks of the Democratic emails, those on the left who cannot imagine that President Trump defeated Mrs. Clinton without some nefarious help from outside influences seek vindication and validity for fighting against the policies of and delegitimizing our legally elected president. These same people who laughed at Romney and ignored uranium deals with a Russian firm sanctioned by a State Department led by Clinton now seem to be ready to go to war with Russia.

What the Democrats and their propaganda arm (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Washington Post, New York Times) are now doing is exactly what Putin desires, specifically formenting social unrest and anarchy in the USA. This is absurd irony when you listen to all of the screaming and teeth gnashing. Or is it?

If you think critically about it, the left wing has been pushing towards socialist policies for two generations now. Again, as evidenced by the famous Russian Reset, the Clinton uranium deal, Obama’s hot mike, the Iranian deal, the IRS targeting of conservative organizations, the Red Line to nowhere, the removal of troops from Iraq, no action when Crimea was invaded, et al, the Obama administration worked for eight years to bolster Russian interests and now overnight they are the enemy.

If you were concerned that there was any chance (however unthinkable) that your candidate might lose an election and that the next leader might not continue this friendly relationship, you might collude with your Russian friends to prepare and provide a viable reason why the winning candidate was illegitimate, thereby undermining that administration’s ability to undo the move towards socialism. Seems every bit as reasonable a theory as the Trump camp colluding with the Russians.

But that suggests what may be a bit more intellect than resides in D.C. today. More likely, the Dems and other leftists are simply being used as clueless tools by Putin as he works to destabilize our nation. Either way, Obama awaits his payday in rubles; Bill and Hillary already earned their silver.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.