Balance page with left-wing cartoons

I am a regular reader of your newspaper and a resident of Peachtree City. I am also a member of a rare breed in this county — a Democrat.

Why does The Citizen publish two conservative political cartoons weekly instead of a more balanced approach with one conservative and one liberal cartoon?

I understand your audience in Fayette County is overwhelmingly conservative, but I would certainly enjoy the conversation that might ensue if your paper allowed an alternate viewpoint.

Although I am often at odds with your newspaper’s columnists, my parents taught me many years ago to always listen to the other person’s opinion, if for no other reason than to strive to be a educated citizen. Perhaps others might have a viewpoint I have not considered.

I feel sure there are many appropriate liberal cartoonists who could offer a balance to your editorial page.

Thank you for your consideration.

Susan Naschke
Peachtree City, Ga.

The editor replies: Alas, Ms. Naschke, the mediasphere is awash with left-wing viewpoints. Consider this page a tiny levee in the enveloping flood.