Waterfall welcomed as gateway to Fayetteville

The man who made an advertising icon out of cows urging everyone to “eat mor chikin” has now built a waterfall beside a major Fayette highway. And as of March 14, Fayette’s new Waterfall has officially started flowing.

Chick-fil-A President and COO Dan Cathy presided over the ceremony with Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, his wife, Jeannette, and several other members of the Cathy family present.

Waterfall, a professional center located at the intersection at Grady Avenue and Ga. Highway 54 in Fayetteville, celebrated its grand opening with a dedication ceremony at the Waterfall followed by a ribbon cutting and open house at the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.

Envisioned by Truett Cathy as a showplace at the gateway to Fayetteville, Waterfall is destined to become one of the county’s most distinctive destinations, according to the Chamber.

Says Cathy, “The citizens of Fayette County have been very kind to the Cathy family. I wanted to do something for them to show my gratitude.”

The center also houses the new headquarters of the Chamber, which also had a ribbon-cutting ceremony presided over by Cathy.

The professional complex has a few unique features other than the waterfall not found elsewhere in Fayetteville including a tree-growing truck in the roundabout and a restful garden area. An announcement will be made soon about a Hawaiian-Style restaurant to be housed next to the waterfall.

In conjunction with the grand opening, Waterfall’s first tenant, the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, cut the ribbon for the new location.

Chamber President and CEO Virginia Gibbs welcomed over 175 people into The Chamber Meeting Place and expressed appreciation to Cathy for making it possible for the chamber to expand into the new space.

“This move allows the chamber to accomplish many goals that will carry us into the future. We are grateful for Mr. Cathy’s generosity, vision and heart for our community. He is an inspiration to us all,” Gibbs said.

For his generosity, vision and a lifetime of servant leadership, Mr. Cathy was presented the Fayette Chamber’s Dreambuilder Award by Fayette Chamber CEO Virginia Gibbs (C). The Dreambuilder Award is presented annually by the Chamber to an individual who has selflessly given their time and talents to make a difference in Fayette County.

Truett Cathy greets his son Dan, who recounted his parents’ days of courting at the original Dwarf House restaurant when it was closed on Sundays as they shared a bottle of Coca-Cola with two straws: “A Norman Rockwell” moment.

Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy bugled out a stirring rendition of the National Anthem as part of the opening ceremonies at the Waterfall commercial complex, which will house the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce along with a new Hawaiian restaurant.

Dan Cathy, far right, introduced family members of the late Drs. Ferrol and Helen Sams, for whom the brand new Waterfall fountain will be named after. Soon after Truett Cathy punched the button that put the waterfall in operation.

County Commission Chairman Steve Brown read a proclamation on behalf of the new development and its significance as a new entryway to the city of Fayetteville.

With its distinctive gold lettering and stone composition, the waterfall at the corner of Ga. Highway 85 and Grady Avenue gives a stunning welcome to those entering the city limits.

It’s not a true Chick-fil-A themed event without the ever-present Chick-fil-A cows, which flanked Truett Cathy and his wife, Jeannette.