Starr’s Mill election day voters will have to vote at Whitewater High School


Starr’s Mill Republican Precinct Voters — You may want to vote early in the Republican Primary Run-off for Georgia’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District Primary Run-Off …  and here’s why!

At the last Board of Elections Meeting on Friday, May 24, 2024, they announced that the “One Church” would not be available for the Primary Run-Off Election on June 18, 2024. Voters in Starr’s Mill — Precinct 13 will need to vote at Whitewater High School (100 Wildcat Way). Whitewater High School is accessible from Ga. Highway 85 or from Goza Road.

This will only impact voters on June 18 — Election Day.  This is not a permanent change, but just a poll location change for this one election. But if that’s your poll, you need to know.

To see the announcement made by the Fayette Board of Elections, see page 2 at this link:

Section 8 says, “POLLING PLACE TEMPORARY LOCATION CHANGE Motion made by Vice-Chair Lindsey, seconded by Board Member Alexander to approve the temporary precinct change of No. 13: Starr’s Mill for the June 18, 2024 Runoff Election. Vote Unanimous. Motion carried.”

The Fayette Board of Elections Chair, Gary Rower, went on to say the affected voters should be receiving an updated Precinct voter card informing them of this change. But recent delays in the US Postal Service delivery in Fayette County is a legitimate concern. There have been big delays since they opened the Distribution Center in Palmetto.

My fear is that many voters may not receive their official notice early enough to make proper plans to either vote early or make the trip to Whitewater High School. Even small “hurdles” cause voters to not vote.

If you are affected, please make appropriate plans to vote early or travel to Whitewater High School on June 18.

“Advanced In Person” or Early voting will be open from June 10 to June 14, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Here is a link to find locations for early voting:

Please don’t let this poll location change for this one election cause you to not vote in the Republican Run-off for the US 3rd Congressional District.

Elaine Kilgore

Chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party


      • It’s pure satire. George Soros has as much influence over this poll location change as he does over any of the scores of accusations made about him by Trump-world and conservative media.

        The post is actually very funny.

        • STF – Soros is pure evil and he’s anti-American. He’s funding far left DA’s and doing his best to unravel the fabric of this country…….he’s the prime example of how money ruins politics and buys favors. Even if you’re a hard core Democrat, I don’t see how you can support Soros. The guys makes his fortune by triggering currency crisis – profiting off the pain and suffering of others. Evil. Even the leftist economist Krugman agrees with that.

          • Hi Wing – I hope you’re having a good summer.

            I’m not a Democrat, and I do not support any billionaire. I think Citizen’s United was the worst Supreme Court decisions since Plessy vs. Ferguson.

            That said, I find it amazing that Fox-world thinks Soros has the power to rule the world. Is there a conspiracy that he has not been associated with? He’s no more powerful than Musk, the Koch brothers, or any other billionaire. And I certainly would never vote to place a billionaire in the White House.