How I met my hubby and changed my life forever

Yes, it’s me again. I have always liked writing personal columns, especially when I could be Erma Bombeck-y about it. I love making people laugh. Back in the olden days, when I was much younger and working for the  “other” paper, I wrote two of these a week, plus two editorials and and a bunch […]

Irritating things … is it just me?

First, let me say, although I am religion editor,  this is not really about religion. I may mention a religious situation that ticks me off but the gist of this thing is things that make me mad. I am not a new senior citizen. I reached that designation many years ago. I thought I’d never […]

16 years later, another Christmas

The opinion reprinted below first appeared in The Citizen Christmas week, 1999. In the year of our Lord 19 hundred and 99… Many cultural commentators argue that the United States has entered the post-Christian era, and many applaud that transition as a desirable change in an increasingly multicultural society with diverse religious viewpoints. Although the […]

Upon further review: F’ville political forum

Last week, the candidates for Fayetteville’s elected positions gathered at Sams Auditorium in Fayetteville, for their first, and maybe only, political forum. Forums are presented to engage the public and feature the candidates in a setting that is favorable for good debate and policy airing. I’ve been observing Fayette County politics for more than 25 […]

A short stay in the hospital

Fortunately, I don’t find myself in a hospital very often. Unfortunately, the last two times I did, total strangers had to call my children, who now live out west, and let them know. The first time here was eight years ago when I was with my Sunday School class and fell coming out of a […]

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