The last Father’s Day

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. That being said, I’m not late with this story, but rather, right on time. Because you don’t really know when the last Father’s Day will be. I know I didn’t. This was my first without him, and even though words can’t describe the loss, it has made me realize something […]

A $973 toothpick

Like so many folks, my entire life can be found inside my phone. Years of irreplaceable pictures (26,834 to date), videos, and, of course, passwords to everything are electronically locked away inside. Therein lies the problem. If my phone somehow magically disappears or can’t be charged then life as I know it comes to a […]

By any other name

William Shakespeare once wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Yours Truly has just written, “A dandelion by any other name is still a dandelion.” What do these two statements have in common, you may ask? The answer to that question has just destroyed a cherished childhood memory of mine from […]

Grumpy Grandpa’s Summer Camp

The mad scramble for summer camps started about a month ago. How do I know? Everywhere we’ve tried to sign up our two granddaughters staffers say, “We’re full. You should’ve started a month ago.” Not usually one to give up, I’ve decided to give up — give up on signing up at other summer camps. […]

Child-proofing a playground

It was by far the largest box ever to arrive, landing on our front porch with a deep thud. I dragged it inside and wrapped it, using three rolls of paper, before struggling to slide just a corner under the Christmas tree. Inside were the four walls, ropes, and handhold rocks of a giant climbing […]

10 little fingers and 10 little toes

Hi, I’m Mom. Up to this very moment, I’ve been known by another name, but throughout your hopefully long life, you’ll only know me as Mom. This, your first day in the world, I count and then recount your ten little fingers and your ten little toes. Don’t really know why. Just think it’s something […]

The extended warranty blues

Playing out over the last three months in the background of our lives, the saga of the extended warranty on our new stove has now moved front and center. At this point, we don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or simply give up, so I decided to write a story about our experience. In the […]

The magic cardboard box

A cardboard hump surrounded and covered by dark green briars thicker than your thumb and stronger than any steel sat in the middle of the vacant lot across from 110 Flamingo Street. Underneath all entanglement, dormant for the last 50 years, it lay waiting to be called back into service once more, but not by […]

My new friend, Buddy the Octopus

Making friends has been difficult for me all my life with but a few exceptions: my first friend in life and my newest friend. My newest is Buddy the Octopus. He’s the giant Pacific octopus who currently resides in a huge divided tank at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. My first friend was also a […]

A monster of a story

With the reboot of The Blob, The Mummy, Frankenstein, and monsters like Godzilla soon to be scaring moviegoers once again, I feel I must go over monster rules. Follow all the rules and you’ll at least have a chance of survival. Choose not to and, well, it’ll be your last monster movie. That is if […]

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