Brothers plead guilty to cocaine trafficking, sentenced to 25 and 15 years in prison


On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, just as jury selection was about to start, Kenneth Hammock and Kelcey Hammock entered guilty pleas before the Honorable Scott L. Ballard.

Both Hammocks were charged with Trafficking Cocaine and other drug and traffic related offenses. Kenneth Hammock plead guilty to Trafficking in Cocaine and was sentenced to 25 years in prison followed by 5 years of probation. Kelcey Hammock was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 15 years of probation.

The State was represented by Assistant District Attorney Audrey D. Holliday. Investigator Sheldon Mayfield of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office investigated this case with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

On the morning of February 26, 2023, Kenneth Hammock and Kelcey Hammock were observed by Drug Enforcement Agents in Atlanta picking up three bricks (over 1000 grams) of cocaine at a home that was under video surveillance. A DEA agent in Spalding County was notified to be on the lookout for them as they drove through Spalding County on their way home to Upson County.

Investigator Mayfield observed the vehicle cutting off another vehicle on State Route 3 and conducted a traffic stop. Kelcey Hammock, the driver, stepped to the rear of the truck and while he was speaking with officers, Kenneth Hammock moved to the driver’s seat and led Investigator Mayfield on a high-speed chase before crashing the truck.

Kenneth Hammock then grabbed the bag of cocaine and led Investigator Mayfield on a foot chase. After a brief struggle, Kenneth Hammock was arrested and the drugs were secured. Kelcey Hammock was taken into custody on the side of the road where his brother left him.

ADA Holliday stated, “these men were bringing cocaine into this community, to be distributed to the citizens in the Circuit. This on-going investigation by the DEA has put a stop to two individuals with a history of distributing drugs in this community and today it ended.

“This office will continue to hold those accountable that bring drugs to our community, to our children, to our friends and family. This epidemic must be attacked from all angles, and we appreciate the DEA, Investigator Mayfield and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office for gathering the evidence and conducting the investigation in such a manner as to secure these convictions,” District Attorney Marie Broder said of the crime.